Agile Team Day Out
A one day focussed, integrated and exclusive Agile Coaching for your whole team
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Agile Project Evaluation
Agile Project Evaluation & Team Coaching for Accelerated Capability Development
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  About Us

Over the last 12 years,  we have coached and trained over 35,000 senior software professionals and software development managers in core competency areas of

  • Agile Software Development
  • Agile Project Leadership
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Software Systems Engineering
  • Software Estimation and FP Analysis
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Software Quality Assurance

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Our Core Team

All our consulting, coaching and training assignments are executed only by our core team of six senior founder directors,  who are internationally accredited domain experts,  with over 20 man-years of rich  experience in large software development organizations at the CXO level.

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Our Customers

We have a large list of delighted customers who drive our business through their own word-of-mouth and referrals.

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Stakeholder Value Engineering

Over the last 10 years we have worked with hundreds of software development organizations and have developed an innovative framework model to enable delivery of highest value for money to customers in software development.

An overview presentation (pdf)  on our 5G Model for Stakeholder Value Engineering can be accessed here....


Agile Value Scoring

A white paper on "Harnessing Change to Enhance Customer Value" detailing an innovative technique that Agile Teams can use during the Customer Demo sessions while seeking and eliciting customer feedback. An example Case Study on this is also available to illustrate this technique

Download the white paper here. .....(100 KB)

Download the associated case-study presentation here.....(1MB)


Agile Coaching and Consulting

We coach Agile Project Teams in learning, understanding and implementing Agile Practices effectively.

For more details on our Agile Project Team Coaching  Services and how they work, read our page on Agile Imperatives here .......

We offer comprehensive Agile Consulting Services to help software organizations implement and transition to Agile efficiently and productively.

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Our Training Programs

We conduct open workshops, seminars, boot camps and in-house training programs for software professionals, project managers and program management executives.

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Download a detailed list of Software Project Management Competencies (pdf document) that we help build in potential software project leaders......

Calendar of our Public Programs

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Planning Poker Cards

We offer a wonderful set of Planning Poker Cards for use by Agile Teams in Story and Task Estimation.  We offer 5 decks of these cards free to any software organization implementing Agile. Additional decks can be purchased.

For details on how to order and get  our Planning Poker Card decks,  visit our announcements page here........


We can conduct short 2.5 hr duration Tech Talks at your facility on key emerging software development and management paradigms.

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Contact Us

We will be happy to hear from you.  Please find our contact details and a detailed road-map to reach our office here.

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